About Us

We at the "Ears To Hear Collection" are not only proud of our fine Christian apparel, but also of being U.S.A. made, and for being truly inspired by God. We want to continually remind everyone that God is still in control, and that Jesus is our strength, refuge and hope. We try to present "A Never Changing Message For An Ever Changing World." Founder Jerry Hudgins, works in a warehouse at night where he has plenty of time to think and listen. God guided him to use the "Ears To Hear Collection" name and his wife, Becky, suggested they use a sheep as the logo with one ear up like he was listening. We chose the sheep because the word sheep is mentioned over 500 times in the Bible. God has given Jerry lots of messages and when he gets them he shares them with his wife or friend before he forgets. The next day we send the message to our graphic designer who knows to use the sheep in most of our designs, and after further adjustments we have our God inspired designs! We have over 90 designs we are working on, and we plan on releasing a couple new designs each month. All of the glory and praise goes to God! We hope that you enjoy our "Ears To Hear Collection" of fine Christian apparel as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Tell all your friends about us!